evergreen shrubs for pots

10 Best Evergreen Shrubs for Pots

When choosing the right evergreen shrubs for pots, this process should be handled carefully. This is because not many evergreen shrubs are suitable for potting. Luckily, this article will highlight which evergreen shrubs are the best for potting for displaying in your garden.

We will look at the following evergreen shrubs:

1. Aucuba Japonica

aucuba japonica evergreen shrub for pots

As a compact, medium-sized shrub with appealing evergreen leaves, Aucuba japonica is worth considering as an evergreen shrub for potting. This shrub likes to bask in full or partial shade. It also sprouts beautiful purple flowers alongside glossy red berries.

2. Camellias

camellias evergreen shrubs for pots

Another great choice for evergreen shrubs for pots is the camellia. Numerous varieties of camellias can be added into pots, especially the Camellia sasanqua (‘Kenkyo’). When added in a lightly shaded area, camellias will provide great results, such as beautiful pinkish flowers.

3. Eternal Fragrance (‘Blafra’)

daphne x transatlantica evergreen shrubs for pots

Decorated with colourful white petals and pink tubes, Blafra cannot be missed from your evergreen shrubs for pots list. Otherwise known as Daphne x transatlantica, this is a great evergreen shrub for potting because of its immense fragrance, which is very invigorating and will blossom in your garden from spring to autumn.

4. Heathers

heather evergreen shrubs for pots

To be appreciated and basked in full sunlight, heathers traditionally climatise well when moved into pots. They need good compost, though, and the soil needs good acidic properties to maintain the health of the heather. If you are looking for a shrub to grow all year round, then heathers are the one to choose for evergreen shrubs for pots.

5. Hebes

hebe evergreen shrubs for pots

There are many varieties of hebes to choose from, but we recommend the ‘pink elephant’ because of their unique name and creamy-yellow properties alongside the pink bristles. Hebes also turn more purple during cooler conditions, whilst the flowers turn whiter in warmer months. Hebes will bring a lot of colour and fresh textures alongside your other evergreen shrubs for pots.

6. Hydrangea

blue hydrangea evergreen shrubs for pots

When treated in the right conditions, hydrangeas are a fantastic and do perfectly alongside these other evergreen shrubs for pots, especially the Blue Danube variant. Hydrangeas are usually a climbing plant, so they do not always acclimatize to potting, although they can last for a whole season.

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7. Photinia

photinia red robin evergreen shrubs for pots

Another set of evergreen shrubs for pots that likes to be in either full sun or partial shade is the photinia. The red robin photinia can be added in gardens or amongst municipal plants. It is a very recognisable plant because of its prominent red colours and is very customizable for potting.

8. Rosemary

rosemary evergreen shrub for potting

Why not add a herb alongside your other evergreen shrubs for pots? Rosemary adds more modesty and will evoke some interesting aromas when adding it to your garden. Although they do not grow much in height (0.5m), rosemary can spread up to 3m, so pruning it effectively will help it to last more controllably in your garden.

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9. Skimmias

skimmias japonica evergreen shrubs for pots

You can grow Skimmias all-year round because of how well they can grow in containers. Most female Skimmia japonica plants grow better and develop berries when near a male plant. Alternatively, the subspecies Reevesiana can produce berries in the winter months too.

10. Viburnum tinus

viburnum tinus evergreen shrubs for pots

Our final pick for a great evergreen shrub for potting is the viburnum tinus, which can be placed in full or partial sun, or deep shade. Its dark green leaves make it great for putting in any spot in your garden when potted and features some beautiful bluish-black berries. There is a lot to love about this shrub with how much it can offer to you.

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Pot Evergreen Shrubs Effectively

There are many more shrubs available that can be used for potting. However, the ones we have left out are more difficult to grow in pots, whereas the ones here we consider to be the best evergreen shrubs for pots. Adding the highlighted shrubs to your potting collection will surely provide amazing results that will bring more colour and smells to your garden.

What are evergreen shrubs?

Evergreen shrubs are plants that retain their foliage and remain green throughout the year, even in winter.

What are some popular evergreen shrubs?

Some popular evergreen shrubs include boxwood, holly, azalea, yew, juniper, camellia, and rhododendron.

How do I choose the best evergreen shrub for my garden?

Consider factors such as your climate, soil conditions, available space, desired height and spread, sunlight exposure, and maintenance requirements.

Can evergreen shrubs be used for privacy screens or hedges?

Yes, many evergreen shrubs are well-suited for creating privacy screens or hedges due to their dense foliage and year-round coverage.

Do evergreen shrubs require special care?

While care requirements vary depending on the specific shrub, evergreens generally benefit from regular watering, proper pruning, and occasional fertilization.

How do I prune evergreen shrubs?

Pruning techniques vary among different shrubs, but in general, it’s best to prune evergreens in early spring before new growth appears. Remove dead or damaged branches and shape the shrub as desired.

Can evergreen shrubs attract wildlife?

Yes, many evergreen shrubs provide food and shelter for birds and other wildlife, making them valuable additions to wildlife-friendly gardens.

What are some evergreen shrubs suitable for shaded areas?

Shade-loving evergreen shrubs include rhododendrons, camellias, pieris, and some varieties of azaleas.

How fast do evergreen shrubs grow?

Growth rates vary depending on the shrub species and environmental conditions. Some evergreens grow slowly and remain compact, while others can grow several feet per year.

Are there evergreen shrubs that bloom with flowers?

Yes, several evergreen shrubs produce beautiful flowers, such as camellias, rhododendrons, azaleas, and viburnums.


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