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5 Great Gardening Trends for 2023

Gardening has grown in popularity over many years. During the lockdown, more people took to their gardens to stay productive and to take their minds off the pandemic. Gardening is great because you can do it in any sized space, including large outdoor spaces and terraced gardens to small balconies, in many ways that you to connect with nature and create your own beautiful oasis. Throughout 2023, we are bound to see garden trends, both old and new, and in this article, we will narrow down the five best gardening trends for 2023.

What is a gardening trend?

Trends are always changing and growing with the times. Our gardening trends for 2023 consists of a list of ideas that we believe are trending a lot in the news, and feel that if people are unaware of them, then they should definitely start to adopt them in order to aid to the sustainability of the planet. We will look at the following gardening trends for 2023:

1.     Indoor Gardening

First on our list of gardening trends for 2023 Indoor gardening has become increasingly popular in recent years, and therefore will only continue to thrive in 2023. Many plants can be grown indoors, whether it’s houseplants, or plants that can be grown in the right condition in a greenhouse. This can often generate better results and will leave them less vulnerable to the unpredictable UK weather. Bringing plants indoors will help to create a greener living space.

For those who are interested in a touch of indoor gardening, it can be done in various ways, from small potted plants to large hydroponic systems, creating colour trends, and even learning about resilient plants. Indoor gardening is so popular because it can be done all-year round, whatever the weather.

In addition, indoor gardening has numerous health benefits, too. Growing plants indoors included the following benefits:

  • They help to purify the air.
  • Reduces stress levels.
  • Improves overall mood.
  • Optimal for growing your own food.

Gardening has also been proven to be beneficial for mental health, hence why many people chose to take it up as a hobby during the lockdown. It is a way of connecting with nature that is different from going to the park and having a picnic, and having a plant-filled garden will work way better than having a minimalist back garden.  If you have not tried this gardening trends for 2023 yet, it is definitely worth a try.

2.     Sustainable Gardening

sustainable gardening trends for 2023

In a world where we are constantly trying to be more sustainable and reduce our carbon footprint and help slow down global warming, sustainability should be at the forefront of all of our gardening techniques as well, and that is why we are including sustainable gardening to a gardening trends for 2023. There are many ways in which you can use sustainable gardening practices to make your garden more eco- and environmentally-friendly to help conserve resources. This can include using organic fertilizers, composting, and reducing water usage.

Here is a list of ways in which you can improve your sustainable gardening opportunities:

  • Use drought-resistant plants.
  • Add native plants.
  • Use natural mulches.
  • Try hardscaping.
  • Reduce garden waste by recycling.
  • Promote biodiversity.

Keeping your garden sustainable also means keeping it environmentally healthy. Therefore, you should try and keep it away from having a naturalist approach. Instead, have a structured design that evokes and reminds your visitors of why it is important to have a man-managed form of control towards nature. This can depend on your location, and in areas such as London, it will not be easy to contain a wildlife meadow in such a small space. But do not go overboard with the space that you do have; instead, only grow what you are capable of growing and maintaining, and you will be well on your way towards being more sustainable and keeping on top of gardening trends for 2023.

3.     Vertical Gardening

vertical gardening trends for 2023

Vertical gardening is not only an ongoing trend but involves the simple technique of growing plants vertically, so it would only make sense to include it in our gardening trends for 2023, too. This can be done on a wall, a tower, or any other space from which plants can grow from. This method is a great way to maximise space, especially in small outdoor areas, and is, therefore, essential for everyone’s gardening trends for 2023.

Vertical gardening can be done in many ways, using hanging baskets, living walls, and any other vertical items available in your garden. Your house walls are particularly useful, as they provide a beautiful and unique way to display plants, both inside and outside, in whichever way you think will customise your living space better.

By using the right climbing plants, and the adequate amount of soil measured at the right depth and width, you will find that growing a vertical gardening is a walk in the park, and is simple and effective for you to create in your garden. Be sure to try out your vertical gardening techniques on social media to show your friends and family how you are sticking to the gardening trends for 2023 movement! Why not try growing climbing plants for archways as well?

4.     Cottage Gardening

cottage gardening trends for 2023

Cottage gardening is not a recent trend; in fact, it has been around for a long time. We estimate that 2023 will be the year that cottage gardening will explode in popularity than ever before. Therefore, we implore you to have this as one of your main gardening trends for 2023.

This style of gardening involves using a mix of flowers, herbs, vegetables, and any other greenery in your garden to create a more beautiful and functional garden. Cottage gardens are often recognised through their design, which is to look like they have been grown naturally, allowing the plants to mingle and grow freely.

Fortunately, cottage gardening can also be grown in any zone and space, even down to a small balcony which you can transform into a fascinating cottage garden when using the right plants, furniture, and designs. Make a home for wildlife in your cottage gardening, too, by evoking a habitat for local wildlife, from birds to insects, to live in.

A cottage garden is sometimes also referred to as a “working garden,” whereupon seasonality and change must be consistent to help your garden to thrive and prosper better. So even if you do not live in a cottage, you should still give cottage gardening a try too, to ensure that you keep up to date with all gardening trends for 2023.

5.     Smart Gardening

smart gardening trends for 2023

Smart gardening is a long-term project and is one that you do not have to rush to get right straightaway. Of course, using technology to help take care of your garden will make your gardening tasks a lot easier as well, such as by using automatic sprinklers instead of having to drag the hose out of the shed, and choosing to mow the lawn every so often to save carbon emissions.

Other methods of smart gardening include:

  • Using sensors to monitor soil moisture and temperature.
  • Monitor plant growth using online apps.
  • Water in heavy but infrequent doses.
  • Grow late summer bloomers.
  • Add regenerative plants.
  • Build your own traditional greenhouse.

The main benefit about choosing to do smart gardening as part of the gardening trends for 2023 is that it will save time and resources. So, if you are struggling to find the time before or after work to care for your gardening, then smart gardening is the option to choose. The integration of technology alongside recycling and not having to use garden materials as often will ensure that your plants get the right amount of care and attention without them having to miss out or suffer in any way.

Try adding shady border plants alongside your other gardening trends for 2023.

Trends are always changing with the times, and this article is merely our prediction of what we think will be most popular around the gardening trends for 2023. Even if these trends do change as we progress through 2023, you can still adopt them early into your gardening style to change your current gardening routine and how you could improve on it, especially with our advice towards smart and sustainable gardening.


What colour garden for 2023?

Pastel colours are becoming increasingly popular this year, so using alternative accents such as pink, blue, green, and pale orange is definitely recommended to add to your garden, whether it be for coloured plants, gardening tools, the colour of your fence, and much more.

How can I make my front garden look nice?

A front garden can be hard to get right and is more awkward to design than a back garden. However, these tips should help to guide you towards designing a better-looking front garden:

1. Check from indoors whether the design works as well. If you look at your front garden from your living room window and it seems like something is off, then you may need to alter it to look better.

2. Add water features, and add surfaces that will allow water to pass through easier, including gravel, permeable sets or heavy-duty plastic features.

3. Avoid using awkward paving routes that lead to your front door, since most people will usually cut corners.

What are the garden trends for 2023?

Go non-traditional for 2023 by trying out these increasingly popular ideas to welcome into your garden:
Add invigorating houseplants.
Try using smart technology for your gardening techniques.
Try growing your own herbs.
Change your lawn for a low-maintenance one.
Add dried flowers and a greener landscape.


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