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Gardening advice made simple

Most aspects of gardening come with an overwhelming amount of knowledge to absorb. It can be overwhelming to the most seasoned green-thumbs, never mind those who are just getting started. Trawling through gardening magazines and hundreds of websites trying to find the right advice is time-consuming and tiring. Bored of having to do all the hard work? You don’t have to anymore.

The expert Cultiv8ed team are here to provide all the gardening advice you could ever need in one place. From seasonal planting guides to unique ideas and inspiration, we have it all.

Get stuck in

At Cultiv8ed, we believe in writing gardening advice for real people, producing easy-to-digest articles that you can read at any time. We utilise the combined expertise of the Cultiv8ed community to cover a variety of gardening topics – so when frost gets the best of your potatoes or your rose bush doesn’t bloom, you know where to come looking for help.