Every gardener has to consider the impact of their activities on wildlife. At Cultiv8ed, we understand the importance of maintaining a balanced eco-system for our wild friends whilst appreciating how annoying bird-feed stealing squirrels are. Whether you want to make a happier home for birds or kick squirrels off your visitors list permanently, you’re in the right place for advice.

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You can get all the latest advice on wildlife from our wildlife column. Here, you’ll find a wealth of advice on attracting animals into the garden, creating a healthier habitat, and booting out unwanted pests. We also cover the latest in wildlife news and how we can do our part to look after endangered and at-risk species.

Cut out hours of searching the internet and gardening magazines for the best solution to your fox problem; simply browse the wildlife column to learn everything you need to know about respecting local wildlife whilst protecting your plants and fragile garden ecosystems.

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If you want to join a community of gardeners who really care, Cultiv8ed is the right place to be. We cut out the confusion of complicated jargon, writing articles that are easy to digest and understand. Our team of expert and amateur gardeners are here to give all the advice, tips and tricks on wildlife that you could ever need.